Cast urethane for metal forming press systems enables the aerospace industry to meet the complex shapes required by modern aircraft. In addition, custom urethane parts and products can withstand high forming pressures enabling production of more intricate shapes and an unvarying level of productivity.

Road humps

Our new system has enabled us to develop road humps made from compact PU, and in contrast to rival injection-moulded products made from recycled rubber they attenuate impact noises very well. The hump is fixed with just four screws and is therefore also suitable as a temporary traffic control measure during events or on company sites. The strength has been tested with a 40-tonne potato harvester braking directly on the road hump. The bright yellow or red colouring make these humps impossible to overlook!
Road humps are 1500 mm long and 50 mm high. They should be installed in a staggered layout.

Wheel chocks for parked aircraft

Aircraft wheel chocks can be made from highly abrasion-resistant Polyurethane, in bright colours for high visibility on the taxiway. A reflective rope improves visibility even further at night. Our aircraft wheel chocks can be stacked and transported on a trolley. The high abrasion resistance of this material allows the chocks to be dragged across the ground without damage ‒ they do not have to be carried. That in turn is easier on the backs of the ground crew. We can manufacture wheel chocks up to 1 m long for all types of aircraft.