Concrete industry

3P supplies Polyurethane molds for manufacturing modular concrete products used for fences and building systems. We offer the experience and “know how” to assist in maximizing the opportunity in the growing concrete fence and modular housing markets both nationally and internationally.

Polyurethane paddles

We offer large assortment of polyurethane paddles for concrete mixers. The outstanding feature of these paddles is high abrasion resistance and they don’t collect any mixed mixture thanks to non-porous body material. Great advantage of polyurethane paddles is their flexibility. When a pebble is captured between the paddle and mixer lining the paddle will not hold it and thereby it won’t damage the lining.

A typical Cement part molded in Urethane mold.

Concrete processing industry

  • Concrete processing industry
  • Palettes for mixing
  • Buffers and shock absorbers
  • Polyurethane sheets – various thickness, lengths and hardness
  • Polyurethane sieves
  • Belt scraper
  • Elastic couplings
Universal stirring paddle usable for almost every pan and planetary concrete mixers.
Mixing paddle
Universal wiping paddle usable for almost every pan and planetary concrete mixers. Thanks to massive front part the paddle don’t wane in outer edge and thereby ensure complete mixing and emptying of concrete mixer.
Wiping paddle for both inner and outer lining.
Mixing paddle for smaller concrete mixers.
Mixing paddle for RTM/THM 1500 concrete mixers.