Our capabilities

Prepolymers are precisely mixed with curatives and pigments to produce polyurethanes from 15A (extremely soft) to 75D (extremely hard). Polyurethane can be bonded to steel, aluminum, nylon, and other materials or polyurethane can be cast as-is into molds to produce all-poly parts. We offer an infinite number of polyurethane compounds tailored to your specific application whether it’s heavy loads, higher than normal speeds, temperature extremes or specific chemical exposures. We can also offer anti-static additives to reduce electro-static damage to sensitive components. Pavaman Poly Products processes polyether and polyester formulations in TDI, PPDI, and MDI backbones.

Large parts or large production runs are no problem with our high-volume automated polyurethane dispensers.
Molds can be produced from aluminum, steel, or polyurethane to produce quality parts with fast processing. Master parts are machined using the latest CNC Lathes & CNC Vertical Machining Centers.