That’s the motto of Pavaman Polyurethane Products (3P), headquartered in Bangalore, India. Our company has an excellent reputation in the polyurethane field. Years of experience, expertise and commitment have made 3P one of the leading suppliers in this sector.

Working with our partners across the world, we are a full-range supplier of everything related to casted polyurethane. Our product portfolio consists of molded parts, semi-finished products, concrete wearing parts and other molded parts.

With modern machinery we can deliver custom water jet-cut and compatible milled or turned parts, all manufactured exactly to your specifications, whether you require a single part or an entire series. Always creating new synergies, we can offer you a versatile range of products and services. Just get to know us.

Today, Pavaman Polyurethane Products enjoys considerable success in the polyurethane industry. Housed in a modern production facility, Pavaman Polyurethane Products maintains its commitment to quality. Many steps of the manufacturing process are still carried out by hand. This painstaking attention to detail assures quality in every part that is shipped. Pavaman Polyurethane Products’ s staff prides themselves on being part of a team with a world-wide reputation for value, quality, and timely delivery. Pavaman Polyurethane Products is well-known for creating/producing top-quality polyurethane products.. There are hundreds of products available, and Pavaman Polyurethane Products can produce an unlimited variety of custom polyurethane products.

Advantages of Polyurethane
Introduction to Cast Polyurethane

Cast polyurethanes are cost effective and dependable elastomers that combine some of the performance advantages of engineering plastics, metals and ceramics along with the resilience and flexibility of rubber.
Cast Polyurethanes are world-renowned for their high load bearing capacity, high impact strength, high abrasion resistance, high resilience and excellent resistance to oil and grease. Polyurethanes are often chosen where resistance to the actions of sliding, stretching, load-bearing, impacting, cutting and tearing, compression, torsional forces, ageing and oil-resistance are involved. Cast polyurethanes are tough, rubbery materials categorized as high-polymers. Polyurethane polymers are produced by combining a prepolymer which contains reactive isocyanate groups with a curative containing amino or hydroxyl groups. This polymerization reaction makes the tough urethane elastomeric materials that can be depended upon to retain their original shape and properties for a long service life.

Components manufactured using cast polyurethane find wide application in mining, machine parts of all types, agricultural equipment, materials handling wheels, oil and gas industry parts, or roller skate wheels, golf ball covers, bowling balls, and nearly any other item one could imagine. Polyurethane can be molded and bonded to many substrates such as steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and plastic. Polyurethane has superior chemical and temperature resistance, can be molded in various durometer hardnesses, from extremely soft to very hard. Urethane has become the material of choice in so many of today’s performance-driven applications because it exhibits extraordinary physical and mechanical properties that other materials simply can’t match. The versatility of polyurethane cast elastomers provides the opportunity to achieve almost any desired set of physical properties required .for a specific application. This versatility allows urethane cast elastomers to be tailor-made for use in some of the most demanding industries and markets.

Castable urethane components are liquid, which permits them to be pumped, metered, mixed and dispensed by machines or by hand under very precise control of temperature and material ratios. The mixed components enter the molds as a hot liquid at low pressure and are cured at the same or at a higher temperature. This unique process allows the molding of parts of any shape, and any size which are completely uniform and homogeneous throughout.

The following are the important features of Cast
  • Polyurethane Parts.
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Better cut and tear resistance
  • Good physical properties over a wide range of hardnesses
  • Excellent oil and environmental resistance
  • Excellent dynamic performance at high load and speed
  • Ability to fine-tuning of properties for specific applications
  • Lower set up cost (machines, molds etc)
  • Liquid castability allows molding by a variety of techniques
  • Non-marking, non-staining